The district judiciary of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, undoubtedly, deserves applaud for the untiring efforts in the disposal of cases under the National Judicial Policy 2009. The effort of the district judiciary of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, as a whole, was acknowledged and appreciated during the meeting of National Judicial (Policy Making) Committee at Peshawar on 30th and 31st of March 2012.

Soon after my assumption as Chief Justice of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, a message was circulated to all the stakeholders of justice sector whereby, a commitment was made on my part to reward all those who would contribute towards the achievement of the lofty object of dispensation of inexpensive and expeditious justice. The said promise is now likely to become due as the occasion for the same was announced to be the end of judicial year which is to end on 14th of April.

Many options for rewarding the district judiciary were before me but I chose awarding of advance increments to all the judicial officers of the district judiciary in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa both in-cadre and ex-cadre including members of the court staff of district judiciary and Anti Terrorism Courts. The reason was that this financial benefit shall be recurring one which will go with you even after retirement. The second reason was that each time you get this financial benefit it will remind you of the recurring responsibility you owe to the public in the form of quick and quality justice, and a source of continuous inspiration for service delivery to the masses. Inshallah other available options for rewarding you are in the pipeline but subject to performance.

Let me remind you that this is not the ultimate destination we have reached to but a lot is still to be done as the challenges of future are multitude and we can face those challenges only by enhancing our efforts. And if complacency prevailed then, we may lead to accumulation of bigger backlog of cases than the one we had at the time the National Judicial Policy was pressed into service.

Let us rise to the occasion and deliver more and more with the same zeal, dedication and commitment so that the nation receives her due as expected from the judiciary being an important pillar of the state fabric.
With best wishes.

Justice Dost Muhammad Khan
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