• The information provided in person by a Self-Help Center lawyer or staff person, is not a legal advice. Difference between legal information and legal advice is that legal information is a statement of what the law or legal process is, leaving upto the person the decision of how to proceed. Legal advice tells a person how he should proceed.


  • The Self-Help Center lawyer is not a caller’s lawyer.  He or she is a lawyer who can help people who do not have their own lawyer.


  • One does not have an attorney-client privilege with the Self-Help Center staff or lawyer. What he/she says to the staff or lawyer is not confidential.


  • Parties on both sides of a case can get help from the Self-Help Center, and parties on both sides of a case may be helped by the same attorney or staff person at the Self-Help Center.


  • Self-Help Center services are free. Anyone who does not have their own lawyer can get help from the Self-Help Center. 

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