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In Pakistan, the fundamental rights are enshrined in Chapter II of the Constitution 1973. The situation of human rights in Pakistan is very complex, and a matter of concern, where citizens have been approaching the courts for securing their fundamental rights. Peshawar High Court realizing the expectations of the citizens to protect their Fundamental Human Rights as guaranteed in the Constitution has established Human Rights Cell (HRC) in 2009. The Cell functions under the direct supervision of Hon’ble the Chief Justice, Peshawar High Court.

The objectives of Human Right Cell include:

  • To ensure expeditious and inexpensive remedy in matters relating to infringements of fundamental rights.
  • To give the public a sense of ownership of the Peshawar High Court as an institution committed to serve them in furtherance of their rights
  • All the available resources should be converged to service delivery without resorting to the conventional and protracted technicalities so as to have a quick redress of grievance.
  • Grievance should be redressed in a manner involving zero expenditure of the aggrieved
  • To institutionalize an effective response to the communication of the people relating to infringements of their fundamental rights.
  • To provide an efficacious alternate remedy for the redressal of the public grievances


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